About Us

YMK Real Estate & Management Inc. offers professional property management and real estate services to Calgary. Our office been around since 2009 and set as a small private real estate office priding itself on personal quality service. We provide full service residential property management with emphasis on: Single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments. Whether you are an individual or family looking for a place to call home, a property owner seeking someone to manage your investment, or in need of real estate buying or selling services, YMK Real Estate & Management can fulfill your needs.

When you ask? Should I use property management or should I rent out my home myself”? Here are some often overlooked things to consider when choosing whether to hire a professional property management company.

1. Property managers consistently generate higher rents than ‘For Rent by Owner’ listings.
Our comprehensive tenant services list and our regular analysis in the rental market increased rates from our renters and we closely negotiate the right prices for the property owners and tenants. We also established track record of professional and thorough customer service.

2. Property management firms provide full-time, 24 hours emergency services, dedicated, property support, while the landlords have outside jobs.
Our job is to take care of your property and, unlike most Do It Yourself landlords, we have no distractions, other commitments, or time constraints. We focus mainly on your property and look after the tenants when the landlords are away. Our good full staff all of whom work together to make sure that your home runs smoothly.

3. Property managers save landlords time!
For rent by owner or self-management often advise us that they would spend few hours each and every week dealing with their rental properties. Trouble collecting rents, dealing with problems, conducting showings, no time to do inspections, and significant travel time and expenses will all add up and take their toll on a busy family or individual. We check on the property on behalf of the landlords on a regular basis and we handle all the rent, problems and showings when you need us.

4. Property management firms will have an established trades network and contacts base while homeowners are left to flip through the yellow pages.
We have been around a long time and have carefully developed of stakeholders including corporate connections, maintenance contractors, domestic service providers, and professional cleaning services. We have a well established network in place to provide prompt tenant placements, great discounts on property related purchases, and preferential treatment to our properties and all of our clients.

5. Property management firms will have a more knowledge of tenancy legislation than property homeowners.
Rules governing the Landlord Tenant relationship are confusing to say the least and procedures sometime are complicated. As per the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta is largely one sided in favor of the renters or tenants. During times of tenancy conflict, landlords who are not familiar with their rights will get taken advantage of. Almost everybody has met someone who got taken for a costly and frustrating ride by their tenants because they did not know the tenancy rules and how to enforce their rights.We have legal company and team here to help you.

6. Property management firms have account department to provide monthly statements and annual report versus property owners have to keep track.
Our job is to make your life simple, we provide easy to read monthly statement and annual report for easy tax filing at the end of the year. One simple paper, it shows the homeowners how much they spend and how much they collected on a regular basis.