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Looking for an affordable company to practice your real estate career. If you are considering a change, YMK would certainly appreciate the opportunity to discuss the great programs we are offering! Please contact us for more information!

Want to end up keeping more in your pocket but still offering all the systems and answers when you needed to keep up with your real estate business professional. Also, you need a Broker who is able to speak multi- languages (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) ?

After paying all the expenses for Car Payments & maintenance, Gas, RECA and CREB fees, Advertisement, Marketing and Taxes less your brokerage costs–How much do you have left?
If you make approximately $50,000 a year with approximately 8 deals at the end of the day you may only have $25,000 in pocket.

Keep the money in your pocket and where it belongs.

Efficiently manage each step of a real estate transaction and ensure everything is done correctly is the key to success. Professional services to your clients will help build a great personal relationships. Real Estate is about meeting people who like and trust you. Let us teach you how today!